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A malifaux orientated podcast, where you get to here and engage with the great community that is a core in the UK scene.

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Sunday Feb 11, 2024

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In today's episode Matt and myself invite a special guest on to hel pus talk Masters weekend. We talk about our games, Enforcers and break out the bat. 

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

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Reice's Notesbook - Reach out to: insomniakwulf on Discord (or Reice) via UK discord or MWS 
In today's episode, we reach a pinnacle and discuss our journeys with Masters around the corner. Hopes and fears are shared, on our goals and moving us forward in our hobbies. The main focus however, is going from good to great and what is the difference in play for that to occur. We share our experiences and insights on some ideas that might help you elevate your game. 

Thursday Jan 25, 2024

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In this episode, Matt and myself remind ourselves of our journey the last few years and offer some top tips on going from mid table to the top tables through some key strategies and ideas.

Thursday Jan 11, 2024

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In the first episode of the year, we talk about goals and challenges we want to set outselves in the hobby and in an out of character move do some hot takes on the previewed Ashes of Malifaux models and where they may fit. 

Episode X - The Masters Draw

Thursday Dec 14, 2023

Thursday Dec 14, 2023

Me, Matt and Masters Host Dave (with a load of others in the background) get the draw done for seeing who will be crowned the next UK Malifaux Master.
With highlights of how you qualify, a brief overview of each qualifier and then the draw itself. Hot takes follow and we put our thoughts on the line for who is winning masters.
Enjoy and stay Wyrd

Friday Dec 01, 2023

Matt joins me again for a reflection on Nationals, GG4 and how the future is bright for Malifaux. 
It is no hot take, just a lived and breathed stress test of GG4 using Nationals as our proving ground.
Who are you most looking forward to? We discuss some masters (potentially long forgotten) that may see a resurgance due to this shift in Gaining Grounds.

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

New PC, audio funkyness to be looked at.
There is still a faction focus on Explorers to compelte but Callum (Wycombe Wooden Spooners) and myself descended on Element Games for Breach in the North and so thought it would be an interesting reflection after events transpired.
Join us as we discuss:
- our faction choices and decision making ideas
- game 1 reflection
- game 2 reflection
- game 3 reflection
- nonsense chatter about nationals, events and raffles.
As always, Stay Wyrd!

Sunday Oct 08, 2023

We return again in to the breach and discuss malifaux. This time i am fortunate to have one of the uk top guild players on the podcast, Matt Lewin. 
We give the flavour overview mof each master and discuss the times I have been berated by whatever nonsense he is bringing. 
As always, enjoy, Stay Wyrd and hopefully we get more regualr on this!

Wednesday Aug 09, 2023

The Arcanist overview podcast with a NEW special guest Dan. Now without knowing, Dan has put himself in contention for the longest episode ever, despite some limits being imposed!
Another passionate breakdown of each keyword, and a quick hottake on the errat'd changes (but nout serious).
As always, enjoy and Stay Wyrd.
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Saturday Jul 08, 2023

I disucss with Reice, the rules guru and all round Bayou player and discuss the trials of Bayou. We agree, we disagree and we call it a draw on some parts.
Check out the Gremlin FUN and try some Sooooooooeeeeyyyy!

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